There are many great out-of-the-box products, but your and your customers' challenges don't come in one size. Neither do their solutions. I specialize in the following services to make your running business or organization painless.


Don't neglect the data layer. Your customers need to interface with you. I will create a RESTful API that is informative and secure. Seamlessly interact with your business partners, and make great products.


Give your organziation an automated interface to communicate with. You and your customers can interact with your data over text message, email, or a variety of chat clients.

Custom Apps

Drag-and-drop editors only get you so far. Put your data to work with apps that are responsive and mobile-first. Give your customers a unique experience that works across all platforms.

My Values

With great tech comes great responsibility. It's not enough to slap some code and collect a pay check. I strive to build all of the following into all of my projects.


Your customers trust you with their data. So do mine. My projects prioritize the latest in secure practices and technologies.


An application is useless if it doesn't work as intended. I code using established testing methodologies to ensure that bugs are caught before products are shipped.


The best apps to build are those that empower others. As a member of the River Region Community, I seek out projects that benefit my neighbors and my city.

Open Source

The best code is reviewed code. Open source projects are my passion. I'm proud to use and contribute to them.


I'm available for limited freelance work. Contact me and we'll build something awesome.